Amazon Echo Review

If you enjoy digital gadgets at your fingertips then you’ll surely be going to love this new innovation which no longer needs a screen for getting things done.  I know that sounds way too much excitement. Yes, it is thrilling when all you need is your voice and a smart device operates for you just like your companion does.

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon’s Echo voice-controlled smart Bluetooth speaker and it is controlled by your voice.

Echo is three devices in one. It’s a voice-controlled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker capable of playing music from Amazon music, a Spotify premium account or a smartphone, tablet or computer connected via Bluetooth.

Amazon Echo is a three in one device and at the same time, it is capable of answering your queries, setting alarms, timers, and various mundane things that can ease your routine out. If you love music then it will stream music from various online sources, will tell you the weather and things of that nature. The same you expect Cortana or Google assistant. It’s a third party app that let users interact with other apps like National Rail app for train timings and other related services.

Features of Amazon Echo

Lastly, Echo is smart-home checker that can turn plans on and off, set scenes, as well as another internet of things, functions just by saying: “Alexa, turn off the alarm.”

The amazon echo price is quite nominal with the features it offers and it’s a total fun to use.

Lately, skills feature is introduced in Amazon Echo and that has nailed it.

Alexa can also do quick conversions and math problems for you. I am sure you know how simple and easy it sounds when you don’t have to dig into your phone to such mundane calculations. And, not only calculations it also tells the currency exchange rates just in seconds. Sounds like fun, right. All you have to do is tell Alexa and it will be answered.

In case you missed what Alexa said, you can ask her to repeat the answer and she’ll do that for you.

In amazon echo price you can also add non-supported smart home devices

Like if you’ve mixture of smart-home devices then with few changes you can those devices with Alexa and enjoy the complete digital experience at your home.